Hello sunshine!

I was just about to go out in this outfit, but you know weather in London..one minute it’s sunny the next one it’s pouring. Fortunately, I had enough time to leave my floaty dress for some nicer summer days in future, positively not in England.


Gimme, gimme your T-shirt

My favorite piece at the moment? My boyfriend’s white T-shirt. I am not a particularly big fan of the garcon style, partly because I count as petit and anything too big on me looks ridiculous and partly because I couldn’t manage to put together his and my clothes..until this very moment. Luckily for me my boyfriend has got , dozens of the same white T-shirt, so my borrowing would remain a small secret..just between me and you.


Lovely Rainy Day

To be honest it doesn't rain THAT often in London. Nevertheless, whenever it does, it no longer makes me feel miserable or depressed..it just makes me want to put on my Burberry wellies from last autumn and go out and enjoy the day..and the compliments that I get for them. A total investment piece!

Miss Batman


The New Era

As my summer holiday comes to an inevitable end, I'm already looking forward to the new season in fashion. However, while waiting for the new collections to come and London Fashion Week to move to its new lovely location, my attention focuses on the passed few weeks..and of course outfits :)