Richard Hamilton's Work At Serpentine's Gallery

Koenig  Books at the Serpentine Gallery – the best art book browsing in London. A huge array of tons on art, architecture and photography.


Champagne At Liberty's

These images are from ages ago when I went to Liberty's press day. I never get tired to publish photos from the store as it is my absolute retreat in London, an almost hidden treasure in the retail business. The atmosphere there could actually make you spend some money recession or no recession. And the new names and brands that never sem to end are a guaranteed factor for the discovery of a new one each time you visit.


Hello Springtime

The Way We Wear It: The Shirt-dress II

So, my flatmate and I opted for the shirt look today: tunic, dress, it doesn't really matter. As long as it's smart and sophisticated the assemble works for me. The tights and boots will be soon replaced wih sandalas for a more casual and summery vision. 

The Team Behind Pringle of Scotland

Tea At Brown's Hotel



Love (towards fashion) hurts. But nothing works better than a pair of nice high heels. They do have the wow effect and the magical forces to elongate the legs and make us look that much smarter. So, pourquoi pas? After all we know it’s worth it.



Mad About Mad Men

The Mad Men era might be long gone but in the fashion universe next season it makes a comeback. Never has fashion been so glamorously minimalist
We all remember Coco’s wise advice: “Less is more”. As Milan and Paris proved, next season you’d better listen to her fashion majesty Mademoiselle’s words.  
With a true celebration of womanhood this season as seen at Louis Vuitton and Prada, the emphasis is put on the feminine shapes of the 50s and 60s. Dior’s full skirt, emblematic of the New Look as well as the sixties reined the catwalk this season. Does that mean that for fall women would take fashion advices from their grandmothers (emphasizing on the fact that not everyone at the time was Jacky O, nor did everyone have access to her wardrobe)? Or does it prepare Mad Men’s audience to expect Betty’s appearance in a future episode in one of Jacob’s/Prada’s creations? Be it as it may, 2010 would be a celebration of the real woman: elegant, chic, bold, sophisticated, powerful and feminine..and probably always with a cigar in her hand.