Sunny Greece

Just the perfect summer break spent with my family in Greece. On a tiniest Greek island I found myself mastering the art of 'doing nothing' (it did prove much, much harder than I thought) and contemplating the gorgeous nature and the infinity of the blue sky and the sea, which met far in the horizon...somewhere far, far away. I had packed lots of books, most of which were funny chiclits. However, there was one which I got by chance. It is one of these books you would think only 'lost souls' read. Lost soul or not, this book proved to be the perfect read when left on your own, away from the busy everyday life of the big city. It was one of Deepak Chopra's books about self discovery...I know, it sounds like a cliche. However, often we don't even realize how much we suppress in ourselves or how we tend to neglect the emotions we don't want to deal with right now. Long story short, no matter how much pain or how hurt we feel, there is love and perfection in each one of us! We just have to reach out for it, accept it and let it shine. Just like the warm, soothing Greek sunshine, which I know I am going to miss so much!   


The Village Bicycle Off Roader Event

Zara Martin
Ready to go!

I am back at the office today after quite a long holiday. Going back to work after 3 months of traveling and relaxing is quite challenging. However, while going through all my emails this morning I came across these images from the event we held in June. Celebs, bloggers and fashionistas gathered for in a pub in Camden were we had arranged a gig as well as the lovely Zara Martin djing for us...things like that only make me realize that work could be fun. If your job is not fulfilling you, then find something which inspires you every day, let's you be creative and open to new opportunities. If you have found it, then consider yourself lucky!