Le Dimanche de Mademoiselle

Recently Mademoiselle came across Le Dimanche de… a feature on vogue.fr, which explores the rituals, likings and activities of celebrities, editors, etc. on Sundays. In other words, it presents the perfect vision of a day on the perfect day of the week – le Dimanche. Alors, Mademoiselle spent a few hours day-dreaming about le Dimanche parfait. And here it goes, Le Dimache de Mademoiselle (a Paris):
Cappuccino and lots (and I mean LOTS) of croissants dans Les Deux Magots. It opens at 9 am and among the first regular customers are locals who get their portion of petit dejeuner there every morning. As tout le mond is familiar with each other, kisses are absolument obligatoire. Even the waiters become your best friends on the second morning and when they bring your cappuccino sans du chocolat the way you like it, you are meilleur amis for real.

An important advantage of Les Deux Magots is its location. Situated just opposite the beautifut cathedral in Saint Germain it is an amazing spot to relax and start your day. It is also a favorite place of my boyfriend, so that would probably include him at least in this part of my perfect day.

Alors, after breakfast, there is no better way to get rid of these extra calories (or at least a small part of them) than renting one of Paris’ famous bicyclette. No wonder French aren’t familiar with the word gym. Paris is so beautiful on a bicycle and I’m very excited that at the moment London is planning to follow their example.

Time for some culture and Paris has got plenty of it. Le Petit Palais is at the moment is showing the tribute retrospective show of YSL. 

Le Centre Georges Pompidous has always something new to offer. It is a cultural mecca worth a visit. If you’re not satisfied by the art, then you would like the restaurant on the top floor, perfect for Sunday brunches-lunches. 

And of course les peintres celebres a Paris, the ones that show their art on the streets. They are always worth checking out. And you can always find some vintage cards among the exposition of tableaux and other souvenirs (never too commercial).

Cards wouldn’t be the only purchase on a dream day, don’t get me wrong. Some vintage shopping is on the list. In Paris, even when lost, you can always rediscover a vintage shop. If you can’t find any open ones on Sunday, then the famous flea markets are guaranteed to be open all day, they actually could require a whole day of rummaging through (but that would be another perfect day).

Is it just me, or is it that in Paris it’s always time for snacking? If you feel like it, then do it Antoinette style: macaroons. I haven’t had enough time to explore the best patisseries in Paris, but Laduree is never a disappointment. If you’re also a history type, then you would enjoy their amazing selection of teas and pistachio macaroons at the first Laduree shop on rue Royale.

During Fashion week, don’t miss the street style fashion shows dans le jardin des Tuilleris where all the editors and models leave the fashion shows and are posing for all these Asian photographers.

Next is dinner. One place in my heart (especially their crispy sweet salmon on toast) is CafĂ© de Flore. Not everyone likes fish, so another tried specialty is the quiche aux legumes. Aulalala… is all I can say. For desert I could recommend a strawberry tart. If you end up having only one desert, good for you. 

No need to mention that the stuff is as friendly and nice as French could possibly be. Again, the ambiance comprises of locals, but what I found more fascinating is that as at Les Deux Magots these places are worth visiting as Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre and Ernest Hemingway all used to hang up there. Now I know why.

Time for drinks and one place that comes to my mind if you’re in the city of lights: le bar Hemingway at the Ritz. Be warned, however, drinks start from 30 euros. Having said that, their bellini is to die for (just don’t ask to the barman to make it with a vintage champagne, then you might literary die when the bill comes). Drinks and then dancing. No club better than Le Baron, bien sur. Look confident and I don’t see why you would have any trouble at the door. I think I got a bit carried away with the last bit, Sunday is not supposed to be a partying night.  Bon, in Paris ca ne marche pas. Enjoy yourself!