LFW Outfit du Jour




Tala from myfashdiary.blogspot.com

On my way out of Somerset yesterday I met the inspirational blogger Tala. I am a follower of her blog myfashdiary.blogspot.com and a fan of her contemporary style, especially her modern twist on all the classics from fur to Chanel 2.55s and Breton tops.


Smooth Transition

For good or for bad autumn is already here and with it the inevitable transition into winter commences. My suggestion would be to leave the flip flops in a box for next year’s summer adventures and look ahead into the new season and all the possibilities it offers. I personally like the transitional seasons as they offer so many ways to play with materials and styles. Take a simple white dress, for example. The perfect breezy uniform a month ago is now a great look combined with these sandals you used to wear bare legged. Add a pair of opaque thick tights and a black polo and voila! A boho hat and some gold bracelets complete the look. Now head to the park and enjoy the last days of sunshine. Summer is not gone yet. It just transformed into an Indian hippie eternal summer. 

Le Look Du Jour


Unadulterated creative play is truly only found as a child.  For Tracey Neuls and Nicola Yeoman, design is rooted in this emotional freedom.  Together, the pair has rekindled the innocence explored in their architectural makings as children.  An emotive explosion personal to the lives and work of both designers, the large-scale installation at Neuls’ shop plays with perspective and form.

Fine Art Gallery

Albrecht Tubke Made in Italy at James Hyman Gallery