Inspirational Notes

A bit of an inspiration for the cold months to come. The last one is my absolute favourite. A life is for living - with all your heart, with every breath, each and every second! We make mistakes, we mess up, we end up upset and heart-broken, but it is all part of the process of growing, of finding yourself and accepting yourself the way you are. It really is that simple! So wake up, right now and appreciate the beaty around you, the beauty inside you, the beauty of this moment, RIGHT NOW! Happy November! 

Le Look du Jour

A bit of a rushed up 'photo session' dedicated to my friend who asked me to send her a photo for Elle Bulgaria. Not sure whether my improvised photos would be good enough, but worth the try if only to make my mum happy seeing me with her old fur coat. Last winter she produced this coat after I convinced her fur was back a la mode. For one she was right - it has seen better times(and lots of fun moments of me aged 6 wearing it for a school play pretending to be the scary bear). But as I told her in order to convince her to give it to me (instead of throwing it to the gypsies) - the older the better and the more sentimential value it carries - the happier it makes me feel wairing it.


Happy Halloween!

Somewhere in Oxfordshire (honestly no idea where exactly and no clue how we managed to make our way in the darkness) there was a princess and a swan. Hope you all have an enchanted and magical Halloween! 


Le Look du Jour


Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Last weekend I escaped the crowds of fashionably negligee shoppers marching up and down the Kings Road to find myself in the quiet dimmed atmosphere of the Saatchi Gallery...and Chanel. Her majesty Coco Chanel was everywhere you looked - from Carine Roitfeld's reincarnation of mademoiselle to the aroma of expensive perfume in the air (this is one of London's poshest neighborhoods we are talking about after all). the reason for all that being that Saatchi is the spot where Chanel's new exhibition takes place. The inspiration behind it is one of the designer's most memorable pieces which (like many, many others of her creations) has obtained the status of a must-have item - the little black jacket. Created more than half a century ago, this piece is as fashionable and trendy as ever..if not more. Certainly, after seeing Georgia May Jagger and a 9 year old sporting it on some of the portraits, the age barrier has dropped even lower. Thank you Karl for the Saturday post brunch inspiration....but to be honest, who needs inspiration when it comes to the couture magnificence of Chanel...money would do better! 


Paris on a Whim

I have to confess to a guilty pleasure of mine - jumping on the Eurostar and indulging in a 48-hour walking marathon around the streets of Paris. Whenever the rain gets too much for me I know there is a sunnier place just across the pond full of cafes and bistros to be scouted and tiny shops to be explored. Some might call it therapy, others (like my friend Paul who was kind enough to offer his couch for two nights) see it as a transition to a new life. For me it is one of these adventures (life changing in the long term or not), which make you smile and appreciate the sun shining on the horizon beyond Les Toulleries, Les Champs Elisees, L'arc de Triumph...back to everyday life and an eternity of rainy days, this sun is still somewhere there. Whether it will lead to a scary new move is early to say, but Paris you are certainly more than just a sunny daydream on my agenda.