Notting Hill Carnival

I simply could not skip the carnival madness this year if only for the fact that the procession of scarcely clad exotic dancers took place outside my home. It was no good trying to hide or pretend I did not like the craziness of it all. Tempted by the sunshine and the salsa rhythms (doing more (improvised) salsa is certainly on my to do list), I put on a pair of shorts and a white tee and joined the happy vibe outside! When a Vogue Street Style photographer approached me I thought she was joking (or just like the rest of us - had lost her reasonable sense in the happy rhythms). For my even bigger amazement, I did find myself on Vogue's street style website the next day. My (failed) attempt to express the carnival's rhythmic feel is all I can see in the published photo. Let's hope there is someone who see style.


Swedish Midsummer Weekend


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