So many people feel an inexplicable (to me) anxiety to fly. It is inexplicable as to me flying is probably the utmost liberation. I love the whole experience – the excitement of going somewhere new, the feeling of a new beginning, the taste of adventure and mainly – the relaxing feeling throughout the whole experience. Why relaxing? It is this sensation of being on top of all the everyday life, of all the problems, all the clutter, even on top of my mind sometimes. All is left behind, below. Here, on top of the world (literary), it is peaceful and warm and nothing can reach hold of you. And even when you get back down, somewhere new or even back from where you started it does not feel like being back to square one. I am still high from the experience! No wonder they say traveling is the ultimate investment, which truly enriches you!  


Good Things About Today

❤ Waking up to the realization that I’m in Paris
❤ Tea at one of my all time favourite Paris cafes
❤ Smiles from a waiter...in Paris!
❤ Souvenirs
❤ Street art, street style, inspiration everywhere in Paris
❤ Sunday blues
❤ Empty streets in Paris
❤ Crying because I have to let go someone I love
❤ Friendly hugs
❤ Friendly soothing words
❤ The feeling of being on my own
❤ I got lost somewhere...in Paris
❤ I discovered a new secret garden in the center of Paris.
❤ I discovered an old Parisian friend.
❤ Took photos and fell in love with Paris once again
❤ Got rained on and fell in love with Paris even more
❤ Missed home
❤ Being away
❤ And feeling ok in my own company
❤ Went out for dinner with good friends
❤ Got lost at le Marais trying to find the restaurant
❤ Found a mini castle
❤ Found the most cosy gay restaurant
❤ Had an insanely delicious meal with a glass of good wine
❤ And laughed out so much with my friends
❤ Walking under the rain in somber Paris
❤ Going to bed under the sound of rain drops falling on the roof, windows and empty streets of the city I love
❤ Dreaming of a tomorrow filled with more good things