Bliss Balls for Blissful Holidays


almond meal
pumpkin seeds
soaked dried apricots 
godji berries
sesame seeds,
coconut flakes (for coating)


Best things...


Going Coconuts

I have to admit that after all the convincing words (and even more convincing images) of a parade of well-being warriors and coaches (which I admit I follow and trust without doubt) I gave in into the whole coconut(s) craze. Not only do I put coconut oil on anything I cook, but it has become my all-time favourite moisturiser. I love the smell of coconut and the light soft feeling on my skin. It is also great for split hair ends post shower (but make sure you shower afterwards!) The only down effect – it makes me want to eat myself! 


Shades of White


Ready To Fall Again?

 Are you ready to fall... fall in love with fall again? To fall in love with nature and the change of seasons, the change of one stage on to the next. This never ending cycle can be really a great way to move forward. Many view spring as the beginning of a new journey and awakening of the spirit from the letargic winter. But autumn could be no less inspirational, even more. The scholar year starts in the fall, we feel refreshed and energised from the long summer days. If you want to start clean this season, start by clearing the clutter of your house, desk, computer, closet...and welcome all that the new season has to offer. That way, when the new year comes you will feel more positive and ready to embrace the ongoing cycle of the good old new.


Healthy Practices

Move your body – our bodies were designed to move, they thrive on change and can only suffer if we lock them 24/7 in an office or in front of the TV. There are so many different ways we can incorporate exercise. If really does not have to be the boring treadmill… I myself am a huge fan of hiking, dancing (often on my own), morning stretching, yoga, pilates or my all-time favourite - playing with my dog
Eat more plants – now is the season of warm veg soups, stews and always a morning smoothie to keep me energies and full of vital energy
Get your rest – I try to switch out technology at least a few hours before I go to bed and also not to look at my phone first thing in the morning. My favorite relaxing routines are lighting a candle, taking a bath or doing my tummy-breathing exercise
Drink plenty of water and herbal teas; hot water with lemon and ginger first thing in the morning; also the perfect Ayurvedic tea made of turmeric and cinnamon

Body brushing and flossing daily; I like to spoil myself with foot and body massages and all-natural facials
Being present – no matter what I try to always be in my body, my sensations, emotions; acknowledge always how I feel and simply be with it
Being myself, being kind and positive with myself and then with everyone else
True beauty comes from the inside – look after my organs, my health, my vitality. If I have a rash or a breakout I know that my skin is trying to signal out that something inside my body is not working properly. I try to expose myself to as little toxins, chemicals and pollution as possible
Nurturing my relationships – I truly appreciate the people who make me laugh, take my mind away when I have been stuck in my head space, the ones who are truly (sometimes even brutally) honest and just get me (it could be scary sometimes how well someone knows you, but it is a good thing)
Envision the life you want, visualize, daydream
Being grateful to myself and to others
Being confident – knowing yourself and loving yourself would lead the way to confidence. The ‘mistakes’ are part of our evolution. There are only a few things that are fatal…everything else in life is a process, a cycle, a journey filled with BOTH good and bad experiences. The way we live it depends on us!
Being creative – create anything that makes you happy! There are so many ways to channel your potential, individuality, vision. Sometimes, when the outer world does not let us be our true selves (and we seem unable to let go of the preconception that somehow we have to wear an all-pleasing mask), we seek ways to express our true personality. Having a journal, drawing, taking images are all great forms of art that can help you put your mind away, switch off the outer buzz and help you to get to know yourself better! 



Love in the Mind, Love in the Heart

Forgiveness is essential for a happy, open heart chakra!
Have you felt how the anger, unsaid pain or a traumatic experience have built a wall that does not let your heart truly feel joy?
Have you felt like you cling onto an emotion even though it happened so long ago and on the outside you put the whole I-am-so-over-it look? Guess what? You can mask it, you can pretend in front of others, but you cannot lie to yourself! Never...
Your consciousness cannot be put to sleep. It can only be in piece once you've dealt with whatever you had to go through.
Once you let it go.
Once you forgive.
I promise you, once you do it, it's like a rebirth experience. New horizons open, all the things that were holding you back in the past disappear...
Accepting and releasing old pain could be a challenging experience, but in the end you would feel like a whole load of baggage (rubbish) has gone, you would broaden your perspective, your vision. Nothing more powerful than letting the process of healing happen.
I thought that if I was to hold onto the old pain I would not let myself get hurt again. But only recently I was blessed to feel the power of forgiveness. So yeah, I am talking from my own experience!
Even if you don't get the chance to forgive the actual physical person/ people - you can still let it happen on paper or in your mind. Visualise it! It is such a powerful way to let it ACTUALLY happen.
Now I know that the pain would not come back. Could not come back! Why? Because now when I think of this past moment, I get only the nice emotions of what happened. A beautiful experience, which lead me to see new places, experience great things. What is there to feel negative about??
So, let it go! Say it, whisper it to yourself, digest the unsaid and all the stuff you are sooo afraid to admit. Take your time, take few breathes, take one step at a time. In the end, these would be the building blocks leading you on YOUR WAY TO YOUR HAPPINESS!


Munich Memories



Being Grateful

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

Being grateful is such a major part of happiness. While we might reach and hope for happiness each day, being grateful is always within our reach. In fact it is something we can learn, we can practice (through meditation), it is a conscious choice we have each day.

There are many uncertainties in life. In fact (as harsh as it might sound), the only certain thing in life is that at one point you would be hurt or disappointed in the people you love. So, what would there be left? The answer would come naturally. You intuition would tell you. If we just let this inner voice speak up more often we will awaken for all that there is to be grateful for. Faith and inner confidence are ALWAYS there within us! For me, my family (or more like being away from my family) made me realize how much I care for them. There is not a day I don’t give a blessing for the people in my life who support me unconditionally and believe in me.

The abundance of the universe would guarantee that you would never remain alone or lacking anything. The inner believe would never let you lost or scared, because all there is inside you! But first, and foremost, look around you and give a blessing for what you already have! Never take anything for granted (including your health, the fact that every single organ of your body is working, so you could feel healthy and in tune, the fact that you have a family or a friend or a pet or another loving being next to you)! Being grateful would help you make the most of every moment, to embrace every opportunity and be present.  

With time, you would be able to let your inner light shine more often and this would not remain unnoticed. How to start? Instead of being frustrated for whatever there is you are angry about, just say thank you for this event to happen. Make a (mental) list or look back at every single ‘misfortune’ that happened in your life, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise!