Love in the Mind, Love in the Heart

Forgiveness is essential for a happy, open heart chakra!
Have you felt how the anger, unsaid pain or a traumatic experience have built a wall that does not let your heart truly feel joy?
Have you felt like you cling onto an emotion even though it happened so long ago and on the outside you put the whole I-am-so-over-it look? Guess what? You can mask it, you can pretend in front of others, but you cannot lie to yourself! Never...
Your consciousness cannot be put to sleep. It can only be in piece once you've dealt with whatever you had to go through.
Once you let it go.
Once you forgive.
I promise you, once you do it, it's like a rebirth experience. New horizons open, all the things that were holding you back in the past disappear...
Accepting and releasing old pain could be a challenging experience, but in the end you would feel like a whole load of baggage (rubbish) has gone, you would broaden your perspective, your vision. Nothing more powerful than letting the process of healing happen.
I thought that if I was to hold onto the old pain I would not let myself get hurt again. But only recently I was blessed to feel the power of forgiveness. So yeah, I am talking from my own experience!
Even if you don't get the chance to forgive the actual physical person/ people - you can still let it happen on paper or in your mind. Visualise it! It is such a powerful way to let it ACTUALLY happen.
Now I know that the pain would not come back. Could not come back! Why? Because now when I think of this past moment, I get only the nice emotions of what happened. A beautiful experience, which lead me to see new places, experience great things. What is there to feel negative about??
So, let it go! Say it, whisper it to yourself, digest the unsaid and all the stuff you are sooo afraid to admit. Take your time, take few breathes, take one step at a time. In the end, these would be the building blocks leading you on YOUR WAY TO YOUR HAPPINESS!


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