How to Really Detox?

The craze about detoxing does not only mean incorporating alkaline green leaf vegies in your life! It means avoiding toxic relations and toxic people, negative thoughts, bad attitudes. No matter where you are, the people you let in your life would be crucial to your perspective on life. It makes a huge difference if you are surrounded by friends who believe in you, by people who don’t take life too seriously. 
 If there is a toxic aspect in your life, which holds you back (it could be a job, a relative, a friend or partner) and you feel you cannot overcome the negativity, then you have to learn to let go and release yourself from the burden. It is a long process, a long journey and so is life. There is no right or wrong and the only thing that matters is how you truly feel! Simply asking yourself weather you are wearing this dress/ lip gloss because you feel comfortable in it or because you think it is attractive to others! I think the reason why many people give up on exercising and a healthier lifestyle is because they are doing it for the other and not paying attention on the way it truly makes them feel! Tuning into your body is crucial and once we do we slowly start to see how much unnecessary baggage we carry. This burden could be released, both physically and emotionally! 


Bliss Balls Recipe

When I came across the recipe for these bliss balls I was surprised how easy and quick they were to make! And how yummy the end result. Here are all the ingredients you need and the quick way you can make these healthy treats!

1 tbsp tahini 
1 ripe banana
2 tbsp sunflower seeds
4 tbsp ground almond and/or walnuts
1/2 tbsp coconut oil 

optional: godji berries, designated coconut, dates, chia seeds, nut butter 

Mix the smashed banana, tahini, coconut oil and cinnamon in a bowl. Put the rest of the products in a food processor and combine. Add them to the banana mixture and when all are mixed well start forming the balls. You can roll them in some sesame/ chia seeds and coconut. Store in the fridge or freezer. Enjoy!


Summertime & The Living is Easy...

It is officially the best season of the year! Sea, sun, sand, long nights and hot days! Dancing on the beach with a fruit cocktail or exploring an exotic place you have never been to before, I wish you all to experience the adventure of your lives this summer!


Morning Smoothness

For a smooth start of the day, I try to start each morning with a cup of hot water with lemon and fresh ginger, followed by a greens smoothie. I am super lucky that I have the lettuce freshly sourced from my granny's beautiful garden!


I tend to stay out of politics, but when I see that the people in my country are finally ready to face all the bull shit and corruption in the political system it can only fill me with hope and positivity that there is a brighter feature for Bulgaria! The hardest part is to become aware of all the political schemes and to make the decision to stop ignoring all the lies and corruption! When I see that the Bulgarians are actually awake and not willing to ignore politicians stealing their money, I really want to be part of this! Having lived in the UK for the past 5 years I wish we could adopt some of the Western model into our country! It is a shame to leave the corrupted system smash all the hard work of the people! We are so behind with our democratic evolution, but now is the time to show we care for this country! Please join!


Beauty Must - Argan Oil

A few years ago when I used to intern as a writer I was given the task to write about the beauty benefits of Argan oil. I did produce an article (you can find it here), but to be 100% honest with you it was not till recently when my grandma brought me a small bottle from her trip to Morocco that I tried it myself...and I simply love it! I put it on my hair and mix it with my body moisturiser. Look for a completely natural one as it is much better than the ones mixed with artificial chemicals.


Beautiful You

The price of beauty has nothing to do with money. Hence, money could not buy beauty. So, cliché! I know! But the truth is that with money you cannot buy time to spend on yourself.  You cannot buy a positive attitude towards yourself. You cannot buy love. And beauty is love. It is the inner love, the confidence and radiance, which shine from the inside out! Nothing more attractive than a woman who is 100% confident and feels great in her skin, I promise you!
The relationship you built with yourself is probably the most important one in your life. It will determine the way you seen each and every event in your life, each day, each person! Therefore, it is vital to be good to yourself, to let yourself be who you are!
As we always do, we realize certain things with time (the journey of life they call it) and so far my life journey has taught me that nourishing my soul and my body is vital! Not comparing myself to anybody else (especially with the fake images or stereotypes of “perfect” models and actresses), not being harsh on myself and judging myself all the time, but rather seeing the positive in myself and in others are some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt.
I realized that I did not have to wear a lot of make up if I didn’t want to (I actually like myself most when I wear none) and that wearing a dress, which makes me feel uncomfortable just because it’s attractive is not attractive at all! I find a woman who looks after herself is truly beautiful. Doing Pilates, treating myself to a spa day or enjoying a fresh juice makes me feel really good, because when I do these things I know I do them for myself. I simply deserve them! Then I can help others and share my love with those who need it, be kind to mother nature and to all living beings! 


Green, Green, Green...

Warm Green Tea is one of my favourite tumblrs right now!


Refreshing Mint Tea

Nothing better than picking fresh herbs from the garden and making a refreshing ice tea in the summer heat! Add a few pieces of lemon for super fresh taste!


Bon Vivant

An adventurous. bohemian trip (escape) in the most magical of all cities Paris has been an all-time dream of mine, ever present in my to-do agenda. Wandering sur les rues de Paris, with only a camera in hand, trying to capture the breath-taking views and inspirational sights. Ahhh...one day! Here is my photo inspiration in the meantime!


Truly Organic

As challenging as it is to always find the best bio foods and organic produce when away from home, I make sure I eat plenty of fresh fruit ad veg the minute I get back home! Even the organic stalls at the supermarkets never look as tempting (or genuine) to me as farmer's markets do. Their look or taste is no different than the hybrids full of chemical pesticides with genetically modified content. Luckily, when growing up I was really fortunate to eat 100% organic/ bio living food that came from undamaged soil. The plant produce in Bulgaria is still relatively behind with all the modern technologies which grow (artificially create) liveless (loveless) fruit and vegetables. I am planning to join some communities here and protect the methods of growing food as my close encounter with the west mass produce has made me really conscious and worried about the future of farming. Organic is not a trend. It was the norm and the only type of food some 20 years ago! It's not too late to reverse things, at least not for us!


Stretch It Out

I can’t say I got hooked into the whole yoga thing straight from the beginning. I started practicing yoga over a year and a half ago as I had heard so much about its benefits in releasing tension. In the beginning I could only feel the stretching aspects of it (believe me, doing it on a regular basis can make someone as stiff as I was super flexible). It wasn't until I had tried different styles and spent many hours doing it that I started seeing the deeper picture. Yoga is a very personal experience. It is a gift you can give to your body as there is nothing more divine than connecting to your spirit. In the beginning what I felt was being more aware of my body. Then I started to listen. And this is when the secrets of the practice start to reveal themselves. Being aware, being present and mindful of your inner and outer world are only some of these secret powers, which practices like yoga and meditation can really promote. Personally, for me the most important lesson that yoga has thought me was to surrender. Just like in a difficult pose, we have to realize our weaknesses, accept them and even be grateful to God for giving us this weakness. Then, we take a deep breath in, we breath out and with each breath relive the self-confidence that we can do it, we can go further, we can stretch deeper, be more flexible and as far as we go just be patient. Patience, gratefulness and love will come with time. 


Bye sunny London! I will seriously miss you and I hope when I get back the sun will be still shinning... However, I know there is one place on Earth I can find my sunshine summer or winter! 

Our relationships with others play such an important part of our lives. Often, without realizing it we could project our own qualities on others. 
As humans we are all linked in this invisible energy field. Bad energy easily gets transmitted from one person to another. Stuck emotions and bad thoughts can also create negative energy fields. When I feel that my energy has been low, I try to find the answer in both my inner and outer world- my relations with the others and the way I react to these relations. I try to filter out the energy draining experiences and to always focus on the good. Meditation is my secret tool, which helps me to let go of anything that no longer serves me. By visualising a soft bright light, which fills me with love and gratefulness, I am able to let go of the past, stuck emotions and cleanse my energy field. Clean mind, harmonised body, honest relations! Sometimes we get stuck in a certain thought pattern. Simply realize it and gently accept that the road is more complicated and the right turn could mean turning left!  


Sunny June