In Vogue

A few months ago, the Village Bicycle team took part in an exciting photoshoot for no other magazine, but Vogue. The boutique was picked among others as a cool shopping location and we were asked to represent the VB spirit. The end result was lots of fun while posing, shooting, styling (Emma Elwick did the styling, but we could not resist adding a cross ring or two)...and of course a bit of shopping for the Vogue girls who left the shop satisfied with their well deserved purchases. It was hard work, no doubt about that!


Postcard From Italy

I think the best holidays are the sudden ones - the ones we don't plan, but instead you get a call from a lovely friend who is looking for a travel buddy..really last minute. This is what happened to me and my lovely friend Lenechka. All we had to do is pack NO MORE THAN 5 KG of hand luggage and we were off. Her looking for answers and me looking for trouble...so in the we found what we were looking for - lots of fun and adventure.