Cirque du Soleil Back in Town

Last week I went to see the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, whose updated show is inspired by the ancient culture and civilizations. On the stage of the one of a kind Royal Albert Hall is created the magical performance, which grabs you straight from the begoning. The most fascinating act, I though, was a trapeze in the air - a passionate dance, only compared to what ballet is on the ground. Breath-taking gymnastic compositions and comic acting performances - the talented cast of Totem introduces London to this must-see spectacle.Not to mention that the costumes are couture-worthy, especially when flying in the air above the wide-eye-opened public.


Louis Vuitton’s Accessories Rollercoaster

Louis Vuitton’s windows always manage to capture the attention of the Bond Street shopper (or window shopper like myself). As if their luxury accessories are not enough, their creative team always thinks of original ways to display the new lines and models they have in store. This time the theme comes as an innovative mechanism, which sets bags and suitcases in motion. One way I interpret this display is the beginning of a journey, because as soon as these pieces leave La Maison Vuitton, they will, no doubt, continue their journey and cross the globe in the possession of their proud new owners. Bon Voyage!  


Dover Street Market

On a rare sunny London morning I make my way through Green Park determined to pay a visit to the celebrated Dover Street Market. I have only read about the place, not quite prepared what to expect of it. As its name would suggest, the store is located on Dover Street – a quite residential street in the heart of London’s Mayfair. Since my first visit, the street has welcomed Acne and Vanessa Bruno, but at the time Dover Street is the only shop in the area. The location is famous for its art galleries and antique shops. Despite the and the fact that Dover Street is no more than a few blocks long, I pass the shop more than once and have to seek the directions of a gallery curator in order to find it. In the end, I finally spot the windows of this authentic retail place, which are unlike any others: there are no clothes or goods of any kind on display. No wonder I struggled finding it, looking for the normal signs of a shop. But as I am soon to find out, Dover Street Market is nothing like a normal shop. More like one of the galleries in the neighbourhood, the shop is more creative than commercial. Everything about it interesting – the interior grabs your attention straight away. It is divided in five flours, each stocking the best selection of young designers, as well as well known names in the market: Lanvin, YSL, Alaia (indeed the biggest variety of Alaia I have seen in London), Erdem, Christopher Kane and many more. While the ground floor offers the most remarkable pieces of jewellery, the rest of the space is an eclectic blend of accessories, womenwear and menswear. After a good half an hour browsing and exploring the shop, I reach the bottom floor where, very conveniently, the Rose Bakery is located - a French cafĂ©, which offers one of the best jasmine green teas in town. It is also the perfect address for a healthy brunch with great vegetarian dishes prepared literary in front of you. While devouring my chocolate fudge, I go through the last magazines and admire the view from the terrace, on which a single table is placed. I find my purchase of the day, just next to the bakery – a Provencal style basket – a classical item that never goes out of fashion. As I leave the store I already know – Dover Street Market would be my new secret place, far from the crowds of Oxford Street it is a shopping heaven that offers spiritual, rather than retail therapy. 


The Bright Side of Fashion

Black had a comeback this winter, but as soon as the sun comes out, bright, neon colours will come on the horizon, too. In the myriad of bold colours and outlandish prints that came down the runaway last autumn there is something even for those minimalist lovers like myself. If you don’t dare do the bold assembles that designers like Versus, Prada or Marc Jacobs showed, then simply pair bright with black or the other colour a la mode this season – nude. And if you go for the colour palette look, match the outfit with your lipstick or eye shades. Would not recommend you opting for both though, unless you want to go for the disco look.


Vintage Exploration

Designer Vintage in Liberty's

One of a Kind on Portobello Road
One of the great advantages of London is the vintage market, which expands from second hand shops around Portobello or Brick Lane market (or around anywhere in London really) to exclusive one of a kind Balenciaga and Chanel pieces. In case you find the selection limited check out some of the fashion auctions, which offer a much more variety and are a sure source to find this one priceless (in sentimental value) item. For a start, however, some of the must-stops are One of a Kind – the boutique where Kate Moss or Sienna Miller do their vintage shopping or Liberty’s own vintage section. In case you’re not lucky enough to find a lost and found piece of Chanel jewellery on the streets of Brick Lane market, you would definitely find lots in the department store. Unfortunately,  they come up with a price and it’s not a lucky one.
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Talented Miss Jackmond

It doesn’t happen often that I share with you my observations on new upcoming talented designers. Almost never if the case is not a London Fashion Week presentation.  Well, I shall make an exception in the case of Miss J. Check out some of her work on her website, which consists of sketches and models created by the young designer. For minimalist lovers like me, her models offer a new take on the sophisticated silhouettes and texture variations. We expect only great things from you, JJ.


Cindy Sherman's Exhibition

Cindy Sherman is one of the masters of photography. If there is a reason why her work is not as well known as it surely deserves, that is because she is not commercial, but simply creative. This month the Monica Spruth and Philomene Magers Gallery in London dedicates an exhibition to the talented dress-maker artist. The massive images of Sherman (taken by her and on her) tell a dramatic, romantic and personal story. They project happiness, sadness, melancholy and love – the whole gamma of human emotions on a fiew images and a single object. Always on the border of insanity and absurdity, the photos manage to guide you through Sherman’s fairy tale world - a lonely piece of land, surrounded by the madness of the big city. Naturally, costumes play a significant role in the portraits, creating timeless visions of a world long gone.


Royal Academy Salon Talks

On Monday, the Royal Academy held its first of a series of workshops, discussing the matters of adornment, fashion and the importance of colour and social background in the way we dress. The special guest – Grayson Perry and his Artist’s Robe were the central theme of the workshop. The artist revealed the troubles of a hard-to-shock world that opts for mass fashion and brands as the secure way to dress. From there on, the conversation went on to analysing the various reasons why black is so popular and whether or not its common use had something to do with the grey sky of London. Some of the other guests were Dr. Emma Tarlo, Professor  Reina Lewis and Dr. Alison Bracker, who answered questions, but mainly tackled issues like the difficulty of fitting of creative or innovative people, the difference between trends, boundaries and rules. The best part of the discussion, I thought, was that each statement was supported by real life examples and situations from the successful careers of each of the guests. And, of course, the frankness, with which Perry admitted that yes, he gets spotted by a plane when walking down the street, but nevertheless, he won’t give up his Artist’s Robe. Especially in the modern world we live in today where, he believes, an artist has the liberty to be creative . . . at least as long as he avoids an eye contact when walking in dodgy areas at night. Read more about the workshop here and don’t miss the one next week, when the special guest will be Daphne Guinness. I won’t need tea to be convinced to attend this one, that’s for sure. 

Grayson Perry in his Artist’s Robe

Delicious cakes and tea are part of the experience at the workshops


Le Look du Jour


Is it just me or are eco-friendly bags the new it bags? It’s been a long time since fashion designer Anya Hindmarch launcher her iconic “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” bags. And ever since, there has been a bum of shopping canvas bags on the market. The choice varies according to the budget: from designers like Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney to most of the leading supermarket chains, now there is no excuse not to replace the bright plastic with a more stylish and greener accessory. Eco couture is also gaining force. Fair-trade materials, organic cotton, hand-made pieces - the ecological bag leads the way to an environmentally conscious fashion revolution.


The look du Jour

Today’s look features this bargain dress from Zara that I got yesterday for as little as 20 pounds. Nothing can beat a bargain!


The Ultimate Throw-on-and-go Piece

If there is one piece in my wardrobe, which I can wear year after year, and in London I do not exaggerate when I say season after season, this is the cape. Any single piece I have – skinny jeans, body-con dresses and skirts, high-wasted trousers or a pair of shorts, they all look more polished with my belted navy blue cape on.   
Perfectly tailored and a neutral colour were my guiding rules when I went hunting for the perfect coat a few years ago (I believe it was no less than five years ago). I knew that it would be an investment piece, so money made me choose carefully and in perspective of the future. When among the rather dull options of coats I came across this cape, I thought it was different, but classical in the same time. It did answer the requirements, but in the same time it brought a breath of fresh air to my palette of blacks and greys. Little did I know then, that I shall pack my eternal cape to London when I moved here and wear it all year long for the next half a decade. 

Happy 2011

Happy New Year! Let this year be full of happiness, dreams come true and many, many exciting posts!

And this is what I wore: one of my all time favourite Christopher Kane for Topshop dresses, a Lady D handbag and classic pair of Louboutins. 

A delicious dinner at the Bingham Hotel