Home, Sweet Home

Nothing could ever replace the feeling of going home. There is one place in the whole world, which for the moment I can call my home and this is my grandparent’s house. The time when I used to run around chasing my terrified kittens and rabbits feels like yesterday. These days I can fully appreciate any extra time, which I can spend with my loving grandparents and Garo – my good old dog.


Craig Lawrence at V&A


Hermes Heaven

Last month I went to the Royal Academy of Arts to marvel beautiful accessories and learn more about one of the oldest and most luxurious French brands. In all honest, I was expecting to see a reproduction of Hermes’ Bond Street boutique. I turned out to be wrong and not only because unlike (or maybe just like) the shop floor’s policy, the exhibition completely restricted any touching (and photography for that matter) of the samples. The emphasis was put on the craftsmanship and the history of the brands and the products. There were plenty of Birkins and Kellys… and some less known models, which were as gorgeous and stylish (but less lucky to have become famous). Every single step of the manufacturing process of the label’s goods was revealed in detail. After drooling over dreamy handbags for almost 2 hours I finally left the museum and could see why it takes a waiting list to get hold of one. I could wait even a life time… it is all worth it!  


Behind the Scenes at the VB Photoshoot

Charlie, our model, was a true VB girl
Time to get ready
After running around it's time to put my feet up. Well the actual work is about to begin once we get these images!
Doing photoshoots for our website and lookbooks is certainly one of the best parts of my job. Our team is really creative, so we never set limits or restrictions and let the ideas take us far. The end result is always in the VB spirit – playful with a touch of naughtiness, even a bit wild sometimes, but what really matters is we always manage to stay true to ourselves! Isn't this what fashion is all about?


Sur la plage, sur la plage...

Some warmm memories from the beach in Pisa, Italy. Already looking forward to my next holdiday. Not sure whether the beach would be as amazing as the Italian one. The sand was so soft (perfect for peeling and for morning jogs).


Sales Time

I just love sales! Just got these 2 pairs from H&M...I feel like you could never get enough of comfy sandals for the summer. 



Some memories from my holiday in Sanreno earlier this summer. The Italian coast has become one of my favourite holiday destinations and this beautiful hidden village is as divine in real life as it appears in the photos!


In The Cycle Mood

I love cycling! It is the easiest way to stay in shape and to burn some extra calories, save the extra cost of travel and get some happy hormones in your body, because it’s so much fun!


Stay Green

Greens are an essential part of the diet. I love experimenting with different salads, adding seeds, nuts, protein (in the form of eggs, tofu and fish) as well as different dressing options. One of my favourites is an egg salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and fresh veggies from the market.


Le Look du Jour


This Thing Called Yoga

I used to think of yoga as a great way to stretch, tone and become more flexible. This was before I got into yoga. Yoga is not only a physical exercise, but a practice dedicated to a spiritual and mental connection. Often the busy world we live in today does not give us the chance to make this connection, which is essential to our happiness and wellbeing. The mind, the body and the soul are closely interlinked. Yoga helps train all of these – the poses makes the body strong and toned and concentrating on the breathing techniques helps keep the mind present and focused. There is so much to learn from yoga, however the best part for me is that after each practise I learn more about myself. 



There are these places you just know you have to go back to. Portofino has this special something. With the charm of a small boat village, it also boosts of luxury boutiques and fist class restaurants. And the food…well that’s Italy after all, so need to get into detail. I recommend the local freshly caught fish with a weird name I keep forgetting.


Freshly Squeezed Portobello

Feeshly squeezed juices are a great way to get your daily veggie and fruit intake. At the moment I love the beet root, broccoli, celery and ginger one. Keep experimenting with new tastes and combinations.


Ah Paris...

Here are some images from my Paris trip in February. Seeing my parents makes me realize how much I miss them and how important my family is to me.