Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa has become one of my favourite foods! I love having it as porridge in the morning (gives you the perfect energy boost for the day, which keeps me going till the afternoon). Usually, I add some almond milk, shredded coconut and honey. But this morning, seeing that berries are in season I added some blackberries and raspberries (could never get enough of these), some almonds and pre-soaked chia seeds. Some yerba mate green tea and here is the perfect breakfast!
The leftover quinoa I like to add to salads - just cut some cherry tomatoes, peppers and cucambers and add some walnuts and parsley et voila! 
Simple, yet so good! 
The benefits of quinoa are so many. It has been proven that it is the most protein-rich grains and foods in general. It is high in amino-acids, fibre, magnesium, iron, etc. Plus, it is super yummy! 


Time to put up the volume and dance!

One of the best ways to loosen up and relax is dancing..or at least for me! Whenever I've been spending too much time in my head or had a hectic day, I would put on a music. Depending on my mood some times I go for bossa nova...or for something more dancy. Nothing beats a good tune, letting your hair down and your thoughts suddenly disappear while jumping around the room. Let go of anything! we don't owe anything and neither fear owes us. So, come on jump with me and who says there is anything to worry about! Love life!


Let the Beauty in Your Life

Beauty is simplicity. As cliche as it may sound - it is in the small things around us! And so is happiness. So, open your mind and you will open your heart to the bounty of nature, the joyfulness of real, simple moments, the sparkle of forgotten feelings and true happiness!


Live, Travel, Enjoy Today





 Long nights, hot days


Yay! The season of berries is here (or at least it should be if we let alone the fact that it feels more like it's February and the berries lack the sweetness and flavour they have in proper summer). In April's US Vogue I came across the story about the Obamas. One thing that really struck me is their view of the modern American family and their aim to become role models for a more loving and closer family relations. From where I come family is everything. I leave you with this - the Obamas don't see themselves as much as the First family as they aim to always place their family first! 


Rose Buds Tea

Yesterday I had this amazing rose bud tea at The Botanist and hurried to go on Amazon and get some of this sweet-infused drink. Its cleansing effect and soft taste and aroma put it in among my top favourite teas.


May Inspiration