The Gipsy in Me


Converse Customized

The other day a pair of Converse at Dover Street Market gave me the idea how to transform mine..and save 150 pounds!

Magnum Photos Exhibition


Do you call this art?!

I have mixed feelings about this exhibition, which is in display at Liberty’s fourth floor. It does look great complemented by Liberty’s chunky pieces of furniture, and very modern too. However, drawn out of the cosines of the modern department store it might remind you a bit of…ten years old drawings?! Well, one thing is for sure – I am not an arts experts, as much as I would like to learn more, so I might be wrong in my judgments. The sales figures will show a more definitive evaluation of the work.   

Saturday Shooping Day


Upcoming Exhibition

Tea at Dover Street

Dover Street Market is a favorite of mine. The clothes always make me dream and as often happens I end up my (window) shopping on the top floor with a cup of warm green tea dreaming about the designer pieces that hopefully one day I could afford. The staff are always smiling and friendly. One store I never leave upset, even though being with empty hands, because my heart is soaked with stylish ideas and aspirations.  


Hardy Amies' Sketches


Dream Collection

These are all Vogues, dating from the 1930s till today. Hardy Amies started the collection himself and when I saw them my first thought was:  “Is there a way I can steal one or two?!”
As I had none such opportunity and managed to calm myself, I had a quick look at some of the 70s ones (as this is my favorite fashion decade). Hopefully, my own collection will one day represent such a literary heritage… and this coming from someone studying English lit :)

Hardy Amies Exhibition

From Royalties, Hollywood stars, to British Airways flight attendants, Hardy Amies dressed them all. The famous Seville Row tailoring house opened last month their doors and archives to the public. It is amazing how many valuable models, sketches and photos have so long been forgotten in the basement. Hardy, considered as a unique heritage of the British fashion heritage, was the one who dressed the Queen among the other members of the Royal family. Rumor has it that he was the pretender for Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Unfortunately, as it often happens in life, one of his competitors took the task by asking the Princess weather she would like to look like her mother in love on her wedding dress. Even without being honored by the achievement of dressing the Diana on her wedding day, Hardy Amies is responsible for many other contributions and the space on top of his studio (where his fittings used to be), reminds of a couturier’s salon of the rang of Dior and Chanel.