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We spend so much time looking around us, worrying about what others think and comparing ourselves to others. We judge, we fear, we over think things and then wonder why our mind keeps wondering and can't stay still or why we don't feel rested, even suffer from insomnia and anxiety. The mind needs a solid rest. It is not an apple mac which would jut switch off when out of battery. It will give you symptoms and reading these symptoms correctly and taking them into consideration would help you prevent more serious illnesses. The body, just like the mind needs to restore itself...daily! Different people have different ways to regain energy and to balance out work as rest. However, this balance is very, very important. Here I speak from my own personal experience, from observations and from quite a lot of reading I have been doing recently.
I think people in busy metropolitan cities like London often forget how busy their everyday lives are, how little depends on us and how precious happiness is. Happiness is in the small things. When I came to London five years ago I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as I do now. My first few years I learned to be polite (the English way), to agree with others, to respect, care, value their opinion. The past year or so I learnt the word fuck-them-all! It is one word, something I takeevery morning (think of it as herbal tea). I learnt to firstly and most importantly agree with myself, care about myself, value my own opinion. Be good to yourself, respect yourself, value yourself and the world would do the same! And don’t forget to take your daily dose of fuck-them-all! Nothing wrong with it,works wonders, I promise!



The Meaning of Chacras

As important as it is for our overall well-being to nourish ourselves with the right foods and to exercise, it is also essential to look after our inner world. The power of our chakras is no longer a myth or some kind of Eastern religious belief. It is proven that our chakras play a major role for our overall wellbeing, the way we feel and act. The blockage of any of them could lead to some kind of distress in the body, followed by an illness. If you feel tension in one of the areas shown above, then maybe it is a matter of releasing some emotional burden, which does not serve you any more. I highly recommend reiki - a massage, which uses energy to ensure the flow of your own inner energy in your body.


La Joie de Vivre

Is it true that la joie de vivre (the joy of life) is something that only French people (or some very few of us) are capable of? I don't think so! Each day we have a choice! Being mindful of our choices and taking full responsibility for our happiness would put us on the right way leading to...reaching for...for nothing! For staying grounded and being in this perfect moment right now! Simple joys make us happiest! Happy mid week!

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As usual my mum knows exactly what to get me! I love burning some lavender oil for its soothing and calming effect. Citrus oils are refreshing and cleansing. (Bulgarian) rose oils are my favourite at the moment. I am still trying new oils, but I love the fact that their all-natural properties have such powerful tranquillising and refreshing effects in my home. 


Happy Weekend!

Where's your juice?

Ok I have to ask that - since when did juicing become such a hot trend? The green trend is more fashionable than floral prints at the moment! For me it certainly began some time after Miranda Kerr referred to her green shakes as a way to get back her post baby body. I mean anything that comes out from a supermodel who's husband is super hot would do (maybe even if she was to say she ate poo people would believe?) Anyway, the craze is out there. I'd never heard of kale before and never thought that spinach could be tasty...but my secret is balancing it with sweet berries and maybe even half frozen banana. Everything in moderation!



Healthy Recipes Inspiration

I have become quite the cook recently and all thanks to these healthy lifestyle blogs who offer great recipes. A healthy diet no longer means boring lettuce and carrot salads. From exciting dressings with coconut (my favourite) and citrus fruit to baking ideas and all natural sweet desserts, these sites are more than just a cooking inspiration. The last blog has some of the recipes translated in Bulgarian! 
Supercharged Food 

Whole Living

Nature Insider 


A day after my twenty-something birthday and wiser or not, I came across this simple About Me note and loved the simplicity of it. Why do we always complicate our lives? Compare them with others? Why do we overthink everything instead of enjoying what we have and not regret or dream of what we could have had? 
I started asking myself these (and many more questions) when I realized I was different than my friends. Then I realized that different is not bad and not fitting in is just a process called becoming an individual. While most of my uni girlfriends would be going to exclusive clubs looking for (rich) boyfriends I would be spending my nights at home reading Deepack Chopra. While they would be drinking vodka shots on ex I would be stocking on Noni and Aloe Vera juices. Simply said, I just did not fit in. I could try to change myself (I have long ago come to realize this is not an option for me) or look for people who would make me feel good about myself. And I found them! And I realized it was fine to be different, it was important to have a personality, to be honest to yourself and accept the moments you feel sad or lonely or homesick. This is part of life, part of the ups and downs. I had to just accept these moments and stop pretending they did not exist and stop fighting my feelings and my emotions. You can try and escape your emotions, but you cannot suppress them for long. Believe me, you can't!
So, I made my choice - to embrace my true self and be grateful to God for all I have (because we all have so much to be grateful for starting with our health!), to nurture and love myself the way I am EVERY DAY! 



Tata Naka Presentation

Tata Naka are not new to the London fashion scene yet, they are still considered as new rising stars. Their appearance in the world of fashion started as early as they graduated Central Saint Martins. A quick glimpse at their past collections shows that the two sisters have wasted no time. They have already created their own signature print and even a loyal customer base who appreciates their sense of humour mixed with a romantic note. The nostalgia over the 80s American High School landscape is a reference, which keeps coming up in their collections. This time around, the designer duo has managed to incorporate their passion for the eras  full skirts and colour-blocking with a tomboyish twist. We could almost imagine the king of the rock'n'roll Elvis walk in and do the twist. 



A Nice Memory

 There are these places, which we always carry in our hearts. For me, Nice is more than a nice memory. Over a year ago I went back to this magical city - for me it is one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean...I would always come back to the Promenade des Angles, the Plage de Castel and the small patiserie in the centre of the old town. Always looking back and looking forward, this place is so energising, so sunny, so perfect! So, this year I have decided to celebrate my birthday somewhere over the rainbow, where I have been happiest and where I know I will always be happy, back at the cote d'azur.


Sometimes saying no to others means being true to yourself! I used to be terrified of saying no or expressing my honest opinion. I had to learn that saying no means being honest, being real and being selfish (but not selfish in the negative sense we tend to attach to it. Selfish means carrying about yourself, loving yourself). Think about every time you say yes just because someone expects it from you. So what if you don't agree with everything your colleague or friends say. This makes you a person, someone who has an authentic personality, someone interesting. Think about it, would you rather talk to someone who agrees with every word you say or someone who has their opinion, someone who would tell you honestly the things as they are?


April Inspiration

I used to spend all my money on clothes. These days I spend all my money traveling! I realised that accumulating clothes and things only makes me stuck at one place and closes my perceptions. I still enjoy shopping, but now I'd rather go to a typical (vintage) market and try to find one of a kind pieces, which carry the spirit of the place or its time. 
It is my birthday this month and I hope next year would bring me the chance to go to new places, meet different people and share this sense of freedom and excitement, which going to a new place with my dearest friends brings. And finally, I hope I will always come back home - home is where the heart is and just like our hearts, we always carry it inside us. 
They say traveling is the one thing that makes us richer. Go on this trip with no expectations and prejudices and I promise you - new horizons will open up for you!