Le Look du Jour


Do you dare get bare-legged in the cold?

Do you dare to bare your legs this winter? The trend coming from New York’s socialites was seen on the catwalk last season at Prada, Chanel and Fendi among others. Yes, you would say, but a Manhattan girl would have a driver in the minus temperatures. Here are some advices that will keep you stylish and warm in the daring exposure of the season:
  • High-knee socks are a clever (and sexy) way to decrease the gap between the hemline and your footwear. Mrs. Prada had some brilliant suggestions on the runway - combinations of woollen socks and fitted coats.
  • You don’t have to take it literary: if the idea of walking bare-footed makes you want to freeze and never come out of your warm duvets then look for some tan tights. Eventually, you can always look at Wolford or Topshop for some tights that trick the eye with interesting designs and models.
  • Finally, to add to the polished look, opt for fur as a source of warmth and glamour. Think 50s Marilyn Monroe and you cannot go wrong.


Le Look du Jour


J'♥ Mon Carre

Styling, fun, scarves: these are the concept behind Hermes’ new pop-up store in Notting Hill. It is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, have a look at the new designs and have your picture taken for their website. And, of course, if you are happy with the result, you can leave the orange heaven with the scarf you chose. It is open up till Christmas so hurry up and fall in love with your carre. 


Le Look du Jour


Dior Illustrated

RenĂ© Gruau was one of the most famous illustrators, who worked for the House of Dior, as well as Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, Le Figaro. His sketches for Dior’s celebrated perfumes and cosmetics made Monsieur Gruau a distinguishable figure. When Christian Dior launched the New Look in February 1947 it was to his friend RenĂ© that he turned to illustrate his Haute Couture Designs. In December of that same year Dior launched his first perfume, Miss Dior, and asked Gruau to produce a series of illustrations. Even after Dior’s death in 1957, Gruau continued to use the flower theme in homage to one of his great friend’s deepest and most enduring influences. Now, Somerset House is paying homage to one of the most influential illustrators, who challenged by the rise of photography in the 50s approached sketches in a new way, to produce modern compositions that perfectly capture the spirit of the age. 


Le Look du Jour


Tiffany's Fairytale

In a faraway land a handsome prince fell in love with a beautiful princess

The prince was turned into a gentle blue bird and banished to the fortress. Meanwhile the princess was banished away, high in a turret.

Love prevailed and the blue bird brought his princess a beautiful diamond ring that lit up the night sky

Upon a kiss of true love the blue bird turned into his princely form and they lived happily ever after



Stella Illuminates Bruton Street

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Stella McCartney’s Brutton Street boutique shines so brightly to remind us that now is also the time for presents. Did I say us? Well, I meant the ones who are going to chose for us.


It's Shoe Time

Wondering what to do this cold winter weekend? There is one place warm and cosy at all times – Liberty’s. This weekend they are making it even more shoppers-friendly as they invite some of the greatest designers and names in fashion to help you chose the right model and style. On Thursday Fashion Fund finalist Nicholas Kirkwood was in the store, signing prints of his new collection and chatting to customers. Yesterday, the party was hosted by Raphael Young and later on moved to a proper party with DJ Richard Sloan and performance artists Johnny Woo, DJ Lady, Jeanette, US import Lavinia Co-op and showgirl Gwendoline Christie. And in case you have missed the above, there is more to come this afternoon when designer Rupert Sanderson will be discussing his collection and trends with Vogue’s editor-at-large Fiona Golfar. Any customer, who purchases of pair of shoes by the designer, will leave the store with a pair of heart shaped shoe shapers. This is why we heart Liberty’s so much!
with Nicholas Kirkwood

and my signed print