LFW Day 5: Christian Blanken Presentation

The collection itself had a strong urban sportswear slant and incorporates shearlings, leather and jersey seperates and dresses mixing these items with sharp tailoring and coats all within a range of rich jewel tone colours like deep ruby red and navy violet set against a backdrop of anthracite greys and burnished gold tones.
Enlarged and reduced Japanese woodblock prints added visual depth to the collection as did the use of embellished sash type belts along with more novel items like glass beaded and printed leggings and Seditionary style bondage trousers in metallic leather.


  1. Did you see the model in the blocked space? I feel it was a strong part of the presentation. The model was not just standing there. She was doing a performance, showing the careful changes of facial expression and gesture. I think that was a way of communications between the designer and the public. I do not know whether it is normal form in a presentation because it was my first visit to a designer’s presentation. However, it was a exciting experience.

  2. I thought this was a very strong presentation. I particularly liked the glass box room. There was something very haunting and quite moving about watching the model's behavior in such confinement. It was very beautiful, I could've sat and watched her all day!

  3. Hi Hannah! Unfortunately I didn't stay long enough to see the rest of the presentation; I had to rush to Burberry, where my "lost" invitation was not convincing enough to let me in. However, what I did see from the presentation led me to the conclusion that Blanken is a promising young designer and one to look out for.