Irving Penn Private Viewing

Workers, grubby clothes and fight fighters are not the things that we usually associate to an Irving Penn exhibition. While his more famous fashion photography is on this month at the National Portrait Gallery (which I am planning to visit fairly soon) last night I saw some of the more untraditional approach of the great artist to style. Who says that people of labor have not worked as hard as models/celebrities for their moment of fame. And the viewing proved to be one such moment as not only the black and white prints were hugely admired, but they were even called a remarkable achievement.  Cause I can only call an achievement the fact that he mixes aesthetics and ordinariness and the result is truly fascinating.
After all isn’t a great artist one who could replace the trendy pieces, stunning models and exotic locations to the not as polished aspects of life and make them looking as appealing. The photos have been taken during the early 50s and were published 40-50 decades ago. And while the prices are quite spicy (I assure you, the viewing was attended only by those who can actually afforded, plus the usual fashion crowd), bear in mind that these works are more than pieces of art. They are pieces of history as the great photographer passed away only last year and would be remembered as one of the greatest in history

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