Ascot Observations

Ascot is as much a sports event as a fashion scene, a showroom space for Philip Tracy’s creations, where an outfit could not remain unnoticed, neither could stand as complete without a hat.
Taking place at the moment, the Ascot hype made me think about it. Of course, you could not think of Ascot as a horse race, where people bet. As everything in England it has so much to do with tradition as it involves the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family. I would be honest with you: hats are positively not one of my strengths. As a result of the lack of practice I’m not very experienced in the area. All that Ascot provokes in my mind is feathers, big chapeaux and striking colours. This is why I decided to post what would have been my option for the occasion in case I ever get the chance to be invited. Another reason why I am spending so much time on an event which I am not even attending is a friend’s recent experience on the field. While being part of the Ascot buzz she was approached by a Vogue editor who liked her outfit and asked her to pose for the upcoming issue. All l can say is Congrats! As to me, I would have opted for a look in the black and white nuances, which are so emblematic of Audrey Hebpurn’s Ascot (not so good mannered) moment in My Fair Lady. So my advice, if being torn by the decision whether to go wild or more lady like at the race would be: leave the fruit bowls on the dining tables and take inspiration from the old school fashion icons. Bear in mind that a few decades ago a hat represented the finish touch of an outfit and going out hatless would have been considered as leaving the house with bare feet. And in case you’re looking for some modernized and young option, I would look no further than boho laced dresses and wide brimmed hats as seen in Vogue on model Anja R. Fingers crossed next year I would see all the horse (and hats) parade!

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