Grace Kelly Style Icon

From the perspective of Charlotte Casiraghi an exhibition of Grace Kelly’s immaculate and eternal style would mean rummage through her grandmother’s wardrobe (with glass windows between her and the clothes). Back to reality and my modest fashion orientated life and an exhibition on the theme represents not just dipping into the past, but a sea of Chanel suits, YSL “everyday” dresses and all these Dior gowns. Of course, being a princess meant actually having occasions to wear this dream closet. One thing that did strike me, though, was the difference between a pink dress exhibited in the V&A Museum and a fuchsia pink silk model by Christian Dior worn by the style icon. The actual photos that decorated the windows were of great help to identify the exhibited pieces and the occasions and events in which after transformed by the total look of Princess Grace, they were shown. Without these snaps, it is challenging to say with certainty that this same dress has once been worn by the princess. The colour, the cut, the whole look lacks the allure and androgyny of a real princess.  

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