Cycle in Style

Cycling has been a favorite activity of mine ever since I was five; long before I knew about the global warming or had an idea about how stylish a French girl could look on a bicycle (back at the day I associated it with bruises and the lightest, most comfortable clothes I set my eyes on). So, now that I am aware of all of the above, plus London’s new project based on the example of the creative French people, as well as the lovely bike I received from my boyfriend for my birthday, I am absolutely mad about cycling. I might as well be mad to get on a bike taking into consideration my driving skills and the fact that I can only manage on the right side of the road. But that shall not stop me. My love for cycling encourages me to overtake my fears and to think about new ways how to adapt my wardrobe with this fun, environmentally friendly way of getting around town. Here are some tried and tested tips for chic riding (not such an expert on the safe side, though):
1.       Shoes are one of the main obstacles that could lead us to get the tube instead of a bike. My suggestion would be opting for flats (they could be versatile, as well as a neutral addition to your look). Before you get to work simply replace flats with heels et voila! a magic transformation!
2.       While riding, shades could work not only as a stylish accessory, but quite useful one, too. You just never know what could fly in your eye when speeding.
3.       Another chic and practical tip: get your bike fitted with a removable basket, where you can put your handbag while riding. Did someone say back pack?!
4.       Apart from clothing, another way to move at speed in style is to personalize your bike’s equipment: vintage racers, seats, you name it.
5.       And finally, for those of you who don’t own their own bicycle to paint in pink, I suggest taking advantage of Barclays cycle. Nothing more stylish than becoming a pioneer in caring about the Earth. Here’s the link.
Happy cycling!

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