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Treasure finding among piles of . . . stuff (actually, another word came to my mind first) has never been a particular strength of mine. Maybe it’s the lack of luck, intuition, maybe it’s my impatience to rummage through vintage / second hand articles, I don’t really know what the reason is. One thing I know for sure and that’s that I never seem to be able to discover and give a new life to any piece of clothing or accessory. My best bargain would be an H&M shirt dress which I found among a pile of . . . stuff. Well, in London that doesn’t really count as vintage or second hand (on a second thought not so sure about the last one). So a few years ago I decided not to let my vintage shopping spirit take me to Portobello Market on Sundays. Instead I replaced the stalls with my own wardrobe in my parent’s house. My shoe closet became my treasure trove. Moving out whole two years ago I did pack the best of the best. However, there is A LOT left and every time I come back home, I manage to find something forgotten and all of a sudden I’m struck by the vision of how fashionable an antique piece would look next season.
This time, I have already packed for London these pointed shoes, which are not particularly comfortable, but look quite similar to Stella McCartney’s designs from the runway. I found mine in Mango, some five or six years ago and after a small transformation (they did have a tiny little bow) they are (hopefully) going to find their place in my fall wardrobe. This is what I call a bargain, one that didn’t cost me a penny. 
                                        Stella McCartney Fall 2010

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