Charlotte Olympia’s High Standards

A spider web hangs in front of one of the best shoe boutiques in London. The web happens to be the signature behind Charlotte Olympia’s fashionable accessories. It is also a warning that once you find yourself in her new boutique in London’s Mayfair, you might be dangerously woven by her creations. The store situated just off Bond Street is quite a reflection of Charlotte herself: chic, charming and modern. The jet-setter/cobbler has managed to blend in such a brilliant way the traditional and old-fashioned nature of the Edwardian building with the modern Art-Deco interior, keeping things very private and intimate. Maybe after all, the socialite just wanted to create a bigger shoe closet for her and her classy friends. Whatever the reason, as the likes of Carry Bradshaw and Beyonce prove, Charlotte Olympia’s designs are worth checking out. As for me, consider yourself warned!

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