New Change in the heart of London’s City

Westfield is one of the largest shopping centres in the world and the biggest one in Europe. Not enough? East London opened yesterday their equivalent and it is as impressive and breath-taking as its west rival. What’s more impressive about the stunning architectural achievement of the French Jean Nouvel (I blogged on his Serpentine project in September) is the impressive view. One New Change is facing Saint Paul’s Cathedral and advantages of an exquisite paysage which adds to the atmosphere. While London’s banker’s district seems as just the right place for an oasis of luxury goods (almost any brand you can think of would be offered there) and chichi cafes, the building itself is a matter of controversial discussions. Many consider it as too modernistic for the ancient atmosphere of the oldest part of London. Prince Charles himself is one of the opposers of the project. According to him the glass and steal building is not a suitable one for the heart of City. Despite the rocky start, the opening yesterday was attended by shop alcoholics and not only.The launge was also celebrated with free goodie bags and the amazing performance of the London Symphony Orchestra. Attendants included Sir Philip Green and representatives of the Lord Mayor of London. A change always evokes good and bad reviews. One important advantage of the new shopping destination, however,  is that busy City employees would no longer have to travel all the way West for the full shopping experience.

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