A Peek inside Kate Spade’s Pop-Up Boutique in Covent Garden

When you think of New York and good quality bags, the name Kate Spade inevitably pops up in your head. Just like that, their apartment-boutique has popped up on Henrietta Street in London’s Soho and it feels more at home than the one at NY’s Soho. When I went to have a preview of the store which would be open for a month before the brand officially opens their first UK store, I left amazed by the brilliant conception of the boutique space. The intimate atmosphere of the two floors on which some of the accessories, clothes range and of course their signature bags are displayed makes you dream you could have Kate as your new flatmate. I especially liked the scattered books and magazine around the imaginary flat (reminded me something of my literary mess). The closet and dressing table are an absolute treasure trove which consists of a few pieces designed especially for the British customers. The London Calling bracelets and leopard fur coat, for instance are among the popular items that are exclusively made for the London pop-up store.  
The boutique is a brilliant reflection of Kate Spade’s designs, as the attention to detail is crucial. From the wallpapered closet doors to the gorgeous furniture and paintings across the walls and on the floor (supposedly painted by the designer herself) everything carries a vintage and retro feel. My favourite items shall be the clutches – books, which I thought were a brilliant accessory for a literature student like myself. Why carry an actual book if you could walk around with a stylish one, which accommodates your lip gloss, mobile and Kindle?
And finally, special thanks to the amazing stuff that was so sweet and almost convinced me to get one of the personally engraved bracelets, the inside of each revealing a very personal message. I still have a month and an excuse to make up my mind and give Kate another visit.

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