The Trend Report

From easy daywear for sunny days in the South of France to my daily work uniform, my shirt dress is a savor
While trends emerge and die within a few months, classic pieces manage to find their place on the runway each season. The weeks of endless shows are over. Nevertheless,  the eternal fashion cycle represented by editors, bloggers and buyers prepares for sleepless nights of summing up the hot trends  – the ones that stood out during the shows, the ones that all the magazines would be writing about (30s, 50s, 70s), the ones copied by Zara and co high street budget friendly retailers. So, what is one of THE trends for next summer? If you’re asking me, that shall be the shirt. Don’t quite believe me? Well, Alexandra Shulman, Vogue’s editor in chief confirmed that a must piece the next season would be a crisp white shirt. At Chloe, shirts and breezy skirts came together as if descended from the Royal Ballet. Nothing more chic than an easy, minimalist silhouette.  True elegance comes from the movement, from the posture, and we all know that ballet dancers are some of the most elegant women. Je te remercie Hannah!

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