Do you dare get bare-legged in the cold?

Do you dare to bare your legs this winter? The trend coming from New York’s socialites was seen on the catwalk last season at Prada, Chanel and Fendi among others. Yes, you would say, but a Manhattan girl would have a driver in the minus temperatures. Here are some advices that will keep you stylish and warm in the daring exposure of the season:
  • High-knee socks are a clever (and sexy) way to decrease the gap between the hemline and your footwear. Mrs. Prada had some brilliant suggestions on the runway - combinations of woollen socks and fitted coats.
  • You don’t have to take it literary: if the idea of walking bare-footed makes you want to freeze and never come out of your warm duvets then look for some tan tights. Eventually, you can always look at Wolford or Topshop for some tights that trick the eye with interesting designs and models.
  • Finally, to add to the polished look, opt for fur as a source of warmth and glamour. Think 50s Marilyn Monroe and you cannot go wrong.

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