Dover Street Market

On a rare sunny London morning I make my way through Green Park determined to pay a visit to the celebrated Dover Street Market. I have only read about the place, not quite prepared what to expect of it. As its name would suggest, the store is located on Dover Street – a quite residential street in the heart of London’s Mayfair. Since my first visit, the street has welcomed Acne and Vanessa Bruno, but at the time Dover Street is the only shop in the area. The location is famous for its art galleries and antique shops. Despite the and the fact that Dover Street is no more than a few blocks long, I pass the shop more than once and have to seek the directions of a gallery curator in order to find it. In the end, I finally spot the windows of this authentic retail place, which are unlike any others: there are no clothes or goods of any kind on display. No wonder I struggled finding it, looking for the normal signs of a shop. But as I am soon to find out, Dover Street Market is nothing like a normal shop. More like one of the galleries in the neighbourhood, the shop is more creative than commercial. Everything about it interesting – the interior grabs your attention straight away. It is divided in five flours, each stocking the best selection of young designers, as well as well known names in the market: Lanvin, YSL, Alaia (indeed the biggest variety of Alaia I have seen in London), Erdem, Christopher Kane and many more. While the ground floor offers the most remarkable pieces of jewellery, the rest of the space is an eclectic blend of accessories, womenwear and menswear. After a good half an hour browsing and exploring the shop, I reach the bottom floor where, very conveniently, the Rose Bakery is located - a French cafĂ©, which offers one of the best jasmine green teas in town. It is also the perfect address for a healthy brunch with great vegetarian dishes prepared literary in front of you. While devouring my chocolate fudge, I go through the last magazines and admire the view from the terrace, on which a single table is placed. I find my purchase of the day, just next to the bakery – a Provencal style basket – a classical item that never goes out of fashion. As I leave the store I already know – Dover Street Market would be my new secret place, far from the crowds of Oxford Street it is a shopping heaven that offers spiritual, rather than retail therapy. 

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