Vintage Exploration

Designer Vintage in Liberty's

One of a Kind on Portobello Road
One of the great advantages of London is the vintage market, which expands from second hand shops around Portobello or Brick Lane market (or around anywhere in London really) to exclusive one of a kind Balenciaga and Chanel pieces. In case you find the selection limited check out some of the fashion auctions, which offer a much more variety and are a sure source to find this one priceless (in sentimental value) item. For a start, however, some of the must-stops are One of a Kind – the boutique where Kate Moss or Sienna Miller do their vintage shopping or Liberty’s own vintage section. In case you’re not lucky enough to find a lost and found piece of Chanel jewellery on the streets of Brick Lane market, you would definitely find lots in the department store. Unfortunately,  they come up with a price and it’s not a lucky one.

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