Ines de la Fressange's Guide to Parisian Chic

“Oh but you’re so young, how do you know about her?” exclaimed a lady behind me on the queue.  Well, isn’t that what style is all about – agelessness? Lulu de la Fressange is probably one of the most stylish models out there…ever. To begin with, she has been a muse to Sain Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld. At moment she is working with Gaultier, but most recently she has been working on her latest book, copies of which she signed today. I snapped one for my mum and happily waited my turn to meet Lulu. It was a great chance to practice my French, too (and French like it when they can speak their language). The book is now out, so hurry and get your guide to  ageless style. 

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