Revealing Lucy in Disguise's Latest Project

Last weekend I finally had enough time to check out Lily Allen’s boutique Lucy In Disguise (the lack of fashion posts is due to me being a full time student as well as a full time blogger…and on top of that a full time intern as well). So, finally I had a chance to check out the shop and take a few photos. With a collection coming out in June and a baby on the way, Lily Allen is certainly one busy lady. At the moment the vintage store offers a large variety of costumes and accessories, some of which have been part of the singer’s stage attire. After the success of the trendy boutique, the artist is moving on to designing. Her fans can now look forward to her 40s inspired collection, which would be stocked in the same Covent Garden boutique. If not in London check out lucyindisguiselondon.com as well as some of the snaps I took.

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