Cartier Polo

There aren’t many sports events, which carry the same historical significance and dressing traditions associated to Cartier Guard’s Polo. Dressing up for an event of that rank might be a tricky business, especially for a debutant like me. A bit of background research and a few old shots guided my choices towards a more colourful floral assemble. In terms of the hat, I admit that it might be a bit more of a race-going thing, but if you’re going to dress up, you may as well dress up.
After the Coronation Cup, the real party started at the Chinawhite marquee, Poppy Delevingne, Charlotte Tilbury, Christie Brinkley, Yasmin Mills and Margo Stilley stood as the sun set in shades of lemon and cornflower and ate macaroons, mini lemon tarts, and the tiniest of carrot cakes. The party was on long after the truly anticipated sun had gone and even moved onto the next morning, when hats and sunglasses were absolutely obligatory once again.

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