Hermes Heaven

Last month I went to the Royal Academy of Arts to marvel beautiful accessories and learn more about one of the oldest and most luxurious French brands. In all honest, I was expecting to see a reproduction of Hermes’ Bond Street boutique. I turned out to be wrong and not only because unlike (or maybe just like) the shop floor’s policy, the exhibition completely restricted any touching (and photography for that matter) of the samples. The emphasis was put on the craftsmanship and the history of the brands and the products. There were plenty of Birkins and Kellys… and some less known models, which were as gorgeous and stylish (but less lucky to have become famous). Every single step of the manufacturing process of the label’s goods was revealed in detail. After drooling over dreamy handbags for almost 2 hours I finally left the museum and could see why it takes a waiting list to get hold of one. I could wait even a life time… it is all worth it!  

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