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Having done Literature at uni I know the value of a good book. However, sometimes there is more you need than good writing – good advice and affirmations….
I often visit the Kora Organics Blog as it is full of useful information about nutrition, well-being and environmental protection. It offers delicious healthy recipes and more topics, which inspire me to be more conscious of myself and my health. From there I came across Miranda Kerr’s book about cherishing yourself and letting your true personality shine. A lingerie supermodel/ book writer does not really bring to mind a real life coach. However, there are these exeptions and I she is one of them. The book is based on her life experience, a compilation of positive affirmations and tips on how to stay grounded and true to yourself.  My initial skepticism was erased by her natural way of narrating her early modeling days full of rejection, which would then lead to insecurity and lack of faith in herself. Advice on how to be grateful, appreciative and present serve as assurance to all the insecure girls out there (to whom the book is mainly addressed) that everyone once and again faces their inner fears and worries…the hardest part is admitting them. Someone once said to me – we cry not because we are weak.
We cry because we have been strong for too long. Being harsh towards ourselves only suppreses our emotions and dims the light, which is only waiting to shine bright from within us (Shine Like a Diamond…)With a more positive and self-loving approach nothing is as bad or scary. Love and faith could change the world, your world. It all starts from the inside!

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