Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

Below are a few extracts from a book I came across - Ageless Mind, Timeless Body by Deepak Chopra. I found it extremely profound and inspiring. In the beggining, it is hard to really get into his idea and embrace the groundbreaking theories he suggest. However, there is something deep inside you, which tells you that this man simply knows that he is talking about. You cannot describe it with words, only feel it.

"The aging process is learnt. People with good mental health teach their bodies to age well; depressed insecure and unhappy people teach their bodies to age badly. Increased stress was often found in the lives of those who became chronically ill and died young.
Being depressed often leads to premature aging, chronic illness and early death. Generally, at the root of depression is a kind of an emotional numbness; the person feels he has no longer laughter or joy inside because these positive emotions have been blocked by unhappy memories. Old traumas lurk inside and when new feelings try to bubble up, they are filtered through the traumas.
Your body is the river of life that sustains you, yet it does so humbly without asking for recognition... You have to want to rejoin the flow of the body before you can learn from it and that means that you must be willing to open yourself to knowledge that was overlooked in your old way of seeing.
Every cell in your body is seeking fulfilment through joy, beauty and appreciation.
Nature balanced mind, body and spirit as co-creators of our personal reality. You cannot do a single thing from falling in love to uttering a prayer to metabolising a molecule of sucrose without affecting everything that you are. The body is the platform that allows any experience to emerge and see the light of day; it is a 3-D projection of billions of separate processes going on at any moment including a process as profound as coming to know the reality of God."

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