April Inspiration

I used to spend all my money on clothes. These days I spend all my money traveling! I realised that accumulating clothes and things only makes me stuck at one place and closes my perceptions. I still enjoy shopping, but now I'd rather go to a typical (vintage) market and try to find one of a kind pieces, which carry the spirit of the place or its time. 
It is my birthday this month and I hope next year would bring me the chance to go to new places, meet different people and share this sense of freedom and excitement, which going to a new place with my dearest friends brings. And finally, I hope I will always come back home - home is where the heart is and just like our hearts, we always carry it inside us. 
They say traveling is the one thing that makes us richer. Go on this trip with no expectations and prejudices and I promise you - new horizons will open up for you!

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