A day after my twenty-something birthday and wiser or not, I came across this simple About Me note and loved the simplicity of it. Why do we always complicate our lives? Compare them with others? Why do we overthink everything instead of enjoying what we have and not regret or dream of what we could have had? 
I started asking myself these (and many more questions) when I realized I was different than my friends. Then I realized that different is not bad and not fitting in is just a process called becoming an individual. While most of my uni girlfriends would be going to exclusive clubs looking for (rich) boyfriends I would be spending my nights at home reading Deepack Chopra. While they would be drinking vodka shots on ex I would be stocking on Noni and Aloe Vera juices. Simply said, I just did not fit in. I could try to change myself (I have long ago come to realize this is not an option for me) or look for people who would make me feel good about myself. And I found them! And I realized it was fine to be different, it was important to have a personality, to be honest to yourself and accept the moments you feel sad or lonely or homesick. This is part of life, part of the ups and downs. I had to just accept these moments and stop pretending they did not exist and stop fighting my feelings and my emotions. You can try and escape your emotions, but you cannot suppress them for long. Believe me, you can't!
So, I made my choice - to embrace my true self and be grateful to God for all I have (because we all have so much to be grateful for starting with our health!), to nurture and love myself the way I am EVERY DAY! 

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