Beautiful You

The price of beauty has nothing to do with money. Hence, money could not buy beauty. So, cliché! I know! But the truth is that with money you cannot buy time to spend on yourself.  You cannot buy a positive attitude towards yourself. You cannot buy love. And beauty is love. It is the inner love, the confidence and radiance, which shine from the inside out! Nothing more attractive than a woman who is 100% confident and feels great in her skin, I promise you!
The relationship you built with yourself is probably the most important one in your life. It will determine the way you seen each and every event in your life, each day, each person! Therefore, it is vital to be good to yourself, to let yourself be who you are!
As we always do, we realize certain things with time (the journey of life they call it) and so far my life journey has taught me that nourishing my soul and my body is vital! Not comparing myself to anybody else (especially with the fake images or stereotypes of “perfect” models and actresses), not being harsh on myself and judging myself all the time, but rather seeing the positive in myself and in others are some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt.
I realized that I did not have to wear a lot of make up if I didn’t want to (I actually like myself most when I wear none) and that wearing a dress, which makes me feel uncomfortable just because it’s attractive is not attractive at all! I find a woman who looks after herself is truly beautiful. Doing Pilates, treating myself to a spa day or enjoying a fresh juice makes me feel really good, because when I do these things I know I do them for myself. I simply deserve them! Then I can help others and share my love with those who need it, be kind to mother nature and to all living beings! 

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