Bye sunny London! I will seriously miss you and I hope when I get back the sun will be still shinning... However, I know there is one place on Earth I can find my sunshine summer or winter! 

Our relationships with others play such an important part of our lives. Often, without realizing it we could project our own qualities on others. 
As humans we are all linked in this invisible energy field. Bad energy easily gets transmitted from one person to another. Stuck emotions and bad thoughts can also create negative energy fields. When I feel that my energy has been low, I try to find the answer in both my inner and outer world- my relations with the others and the way I react to these relations. I try to filter out the energy draining experiences and to always focus on the good. Meditation is my secret tool, which helps me to let go of anything that no longer serves me. By visualising a soft bright light, which fills me with love and gratefulness, I am able to let go of the past, stuck emotions and cleanse my energy field. Clean mind, harmonised body, honest relations! Sometimes we get stuck in a certain thought pattern. Simply realize it and gently accept that the road is more complicated and the right turn could mean turning left!  

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