How to Really Detox?

The craze about detoxing does not only mean incorporating alkaline green leaf vegies in your life! It means avoiding toxic relations and toxic people, negative thoughts, bad attitudes. No matter where you are, the people you let in your life would be crucial to your perspective on life. It makes a huge difference if you are surrounded by friends who believe in you, by people who don’t take life too seriously. 
 If there is a toxic aspect in your life, which holds you back (it could be a job, a relative, a friend or partner) and you feel you cannot overcome the negativity, then you have to learn to let go and release yourself from the burden. It is a long process, a long journey and so is life. There is no right or wrong and the only thing that matters is how you truly feel! Simply asking yourself weather you are wearing this dress/ lip gloss because you feel comfortable in it or because you think it is attractive to others! I think the reason why many people give up on exercising and a healthier lifestyle is because they are doing it for the other and not paying attention on the way it truly makes them feel! Tuning into your body is crucial and once we do we slowly start to see how much unnecessary baggage we carry. This burden could be released, both physically and emotionally! 

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