Truly Organic

As challenging as it is to always find the best bio foods and organic produce when away from home, I make sure I eat plenty of fresh fruit ad veg the minute I get back home! Even the organic stalls at the supermarkets never look as tempting (or genuine) to me as farmer's markets do. Their look or taste is no different than the hybrids full of chemical pesticides with genetically modified content. Luckily, when growing up I was really fortunate to eat 100% organic/ bio living food that came from undamaged soil. The plant produce in Bulgaria is still relatively behind with all the modern technologies which grow (artificially create) liveless (loveless) fruit and vegetables. I am planning to join some communities here and protect the methods of growing food as my close encounter with the west mass produce has made me really conscious and worried about the future of farming. Organic is not a trend. It was the norm and the only type of food some 20 years ago! It's not too late to reverse things, at least not for us!

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