Being Grateful

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

Being grateful is such a major part of happiness. While we might reach and hope for happiness each day, being grateful is always within our reach. In fact it is something we can learn, we can practice (through meditation), it is a conscious choice we have each day.

There are many uncertainties in life. In fact (as harsh as it might sound), the only certain thing in life is that at one point you would be hurt or disappointed in the people you love. So, what would there be left? The answer would come naturally. You intuition would tell you. If we just let this inner voice speak up more often we will awaken for all that there is to be grateful for. Faith and inner confidence are ALWAYS there within us! For me, my family (or more like being away from my family) made me realize how much I care for them. There is not a day I don’t give a blessing for the people in my life who support me unconditionally and believe in me.

The abundance of the universe would guarantee that you would never remain alone or lacking anything. The inner believe would never let you lost or scared, because all there is inside you! But first, and foremost, look around you and give a blessing for what you already have! Never take anything for granted (including your health, the fact that every single organ of your body is working, so you could feel healthy and in tune, the fact that you have a family or a friend or a pet or another loving being next to you)! Being grateful would help you make the most of every moment, to embrace every opportunity and be present.  

With time, you would be able to let your inner light shine more often and this would not remain unnoticed. How to start? Instead of being frustrated for whatever there is you are angry about, just say thank you for this event to happen. Make a (mental) list or look back at every single ‘misfortune’ that happened in your life, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise!  

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