Good Tings About Today

❤ Woke up to sunshine
❤ Was blessed by the company of my friends at work
❤ Smiling so wide your face hurts!
❤ An iNCREDIBLE sunset
❤ I love sunsets so much - they’re majestic!
❤ Communications with lovely people
❤ More collaborations
❤ Still eager to receive mail - it’ll make it more enjoyed when it finally arrives
❤ About to spend the night with incredible company
❤ Watching a comedy show
❤ Which will make me laugh so hard I cry and/or get abs haha
❤ I can’t wait! 
❤ Strawberry champagne
❤ Sweet potato fries
❤ My mum 
❤ <3 span="">

❤ Music

❤ Rain whilst I was in the shower - was surreal in some way

❤ Wet hair
❤ Scented candles
❤ Drawing

❤ Thank you for sharing! Now I am inspired to enlist my GOOD THINGS ABOUT TODAY..Because each and every day has good and bad things and there is always good in the bad, right? 

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