Picnic Perfect

Dear nature lovers, this post is dedicated to you. And to all of you who just like me jump high when an ant comes on the horizon, but want to take advantage of the unusually high London temperatures. Head to the park and gather some sunshine, but don’t forget to pack some strawberries, raspberries and a touch of style in your picnic basket. Speaking of baskets, a sturdy straw basket is the basis of a chic picnic look. Whether you opt for a simple style with rawhide leather handles or chose to carry the ultimate carry-all of all times – the Chanel basket with raffia poppies cornflowers is only a matter of taste (not to mention budget). The basket should only accentuate the feminine silhouette achieved thanks to breeze dresses and skirts. Another cute outdoors look would be some neat shorts accompanied with a silky blouse or a borrowed from the boyfriend white shirt. The silk bright scarf is a must as is a beautiful cashmere blanket (replaced in our case by a white paper bag; in my defense I could only say: “At least it was Prada!”) Have a fun picnic!   

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