The Rise of the Knee-High

Legwear, especially black lace tights and bunched-up knee socks is a huge trend this summer. It all started with the spring/summer collections and the underwear outwear look. While it is hard to incorporate a nightie as work uniform, a pair of over the knee socks is just the touch of naughtiness that you need. It may sound easier than it looks though to pick the right ones in the abundance of choice on the market this season. A favorite place of mine for all kinds of underwear and socks is Benetton (the ones on the pictures are from there). Another favorite socks and tights store of mine is Tabio in London. There you could find plenty of black fishnet socks. If, however, pretty lace and classics fishnets are on your radar than don’t miss Topshop’s tights section where among the models with weird graphic patterns there are cute feminine transparent designs with delicate bows around the knee. A glimpse back in the fashion archives and more school girl looks are revealed back in the 70s when DVF wore a pair in Studio 54. One last advice, don’t be shy when pulling that look off. However, bear in mind that lace socks suit evening wear better and add a touch of naughtiness to e perfectly innocent ensemble.  

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