An Eat Pray Love adaptation starring … me!

Summer is not over yet. Nevertheless, my summer moments would soon come to an end. For a change, this year I am not looking back to these past months with sadness or regret. Yes, there is melancholy in the lost warm evenings and days full of warm sunshine. But as autumn’s falling leaves are inevitable, so is my melancholy. Actually, the presence of melancholy is a sure indicator of the sweet emotions, which fulfilled my summer.
If I had to define these past few weeks in three words, then they would be: eat, pray, love. That does not mean that I spent an entire summertime reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoires, but I sure have the book in mind. If you haven’t heard about the best-seller, then it is very unlikely you are aware of the film, based on Gilbert’s self-help book. If that still doesn’t evoke anything, then maybe Julia Roberts in the leading role might do…that’s right, that’s the one I am talking about. What captured me in the film, however, was not the actress’ brilliant performance (but that counts, too). I fell in love with the conception of a woman scouring the world, looking for the meaning of life. 
My spiritual quest does not go further than South of France or Bulgaria (my home country) and I have captured it in the few photos posted here. 
The film shows Julia Roberts’ character feed her body in Rome, while trying not to feel guilty about a portion or two of carbs. I am convinced that a real holiday means deleting the word dieting from your dictionary. I don’t know about Italy, but France is no less than the gourmet’s heaven and a paradise for a croissant/cheese/rosé lover like me.  

Time to feed my soul . . . 
The cathedral where the Grace Kelly got married. Doesn’t it look like the décor from a fairy tale?

What makes French and Italian cuisine so amazingly delicious is that they bring passion to every single aspect of life: from cooking to loving. 

And so this is what my summer brought me: amazing memories that will keep me warm this winter. It also brought me back the love towards my family and closest friends, which I greatly miss while away from them. I am still dreaming of a romantic fantasy, just like the one presented by Robert’s character in the film: a liberated, mature and successful heroin and a day dreamer by heart. One day I shall undertake another globetrotting challenge, just like hers. Unlike her, however, I’m hoping to be crossing the globe not in search of my soul mate, but accompanied by the one I would have already found.
PS I promise the next post would be a more fashion devoted one. A spiritual quest means shaking off all unnecessary materialistic ideas. At least I tried!

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