Hotel Recommendation: Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo

Located in the centre of Monte Carlo, just opposite the casino and conveniently neighboring with Monaco’s bespoke shopping centre Le Metropole (they share the same name), l’hôtel Metropole is one of the hotels that everyone has heard about. And I was lucky enough to be convinced myself in the bespoke renomé of one of the finest accommodations out there. It is one of the places you wish you could move in. The service is absolutely impeccable; the atmosphere is so intoxicating you almost forget you are staying at a hotel. Yet at some point the bubble breaks and all you could do on your way to the airport is stop next door and buy yourself the magic perfume they spray at Metropole. A small bottle that shall remind you of the once in a lifetime experience that a stay at Metropole represents. 
Work, work, work I cannot leave home.

Cheers to more lovely lunches like this yet to come! To more magical moments like this one: sunny, timeless, yet unforgettable! 

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