Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Last weekend I escaped the crowds of fashionably negligee shoppers marching up and down the Kings Road to find myself in the quiet dimmed atmosphere of the Saatchi Gallery...and Chanel. Her majesty Coco Chanel was everywhere you looked - from Carine Roitfeld's reincarnation of mademoiselle to the aroma of expensive perfume in the air (this is one of London's poshest neighborhoods we are talking about after all). the reason for all that being that Saatchi is the spot where Chanel's new exhibition takes place. The inspiration behind it is one of the designer's most memorable pieces which (like many, many others of her creations) has obtained the status of a must-have item - the little black jacket. Created more than half a century ago, this piece is as fashionable and trendy as ever..if not more. Certainly, after seeing Georgia May Jagger and a 9 year old sporting it on some of the portraits, the age barrier has dropped even lower. Thank you Karl for the Saturday post brunch inspiration....but to be honest, who needs inspiration when it comes to the couture magnificence of Chanel...money would do better! 

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